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Engaging Truth Ministries is not a 501c3 ministry. I, Desirie, do not believe in functioning as a 501c3, because doing so brings ministries under a set of restrictive laws that no bible believing and preaching ministry should submit to. As we plant, and help others plant, home churches, we will function as a Free Church, as churches historically did before 501c3s became popular. Constitutionally, churches are already tax exempt. Even the tax code under the 501c3 section clearly states that churches are already tax exempt and need not apply. 

Our online bible study ministry as of now, is simply a labor of love. I am a mom, I have 3 of my 7 children still at home, and my parents also live with me, who I help support. I do work a full time job as a sales manager, and your contributions help me continue to support my family and do what God has called me to do in ministry. Every gift, of any size, helps me cover the costs of keeping this site (and the online courses that are coming soon) up and running. 

I pray God richly bless you one hundred fold for all your support, both financially and in prayer! 

Loads of love and grace to you!



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