The Truth About Abortion Answering Abortion Advocates

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 

~Isaiah 5:20

I recently heard a friend repeat some very typical liberal arguments regarding abortion. If you voice your objection to abortion, you will probably hear these same responses.

So here they are…

The Pro-Choice/Abortion Arguments

1. “Pro-birth is not Pro-life.”

Their (typical) explanation:
“Pro-birth means that the person (the pro-birth person) is against abortions. Pretty simple. What happens to the child after being born is pro-life.
The GOP is a perfect example of pro-birth, but not pro-life. The amount of money that the GOP has spent (some say wasted) in it’s fight against women would go a long way toward the fight against poverty.”

2. “I can't tell you what you can, or cannot do, with your body.”

We’ve all heard that one right? The good ol’ “you can’t tell a woman what she can, or cannot do with her body” argument.

Finally, here’s the ever so popular, “it’s not a baby” line…

3. “Yes, killing babies is wrong. However, your definition as to when a fetus is a baby is your opinion. The courts do not agree with you, do they?”

Rather than answer this individual on my post, I decided to write a response that can be read and shared by others as well.

My First Objection

Before I get to the arguments themselves and why they are total nonsense, I need to get a few things off my chest.

My first objection to this line of thinking is that those who repeat these arguments are not the ones doing the thinking! What we have here is 1. indoctrination and 2. a clash of worldviews. Where did these ideas come from?  

“You’re not pro-life you are just pro-birth.” “It’s not my place to tell a woman what to do with her body.” “It’s not a baby.”

Are these rational, thoughtful conclusions that have been derived from an honest evaluation of facts, or are they the parroted pro-abortion talking points that have been repeated relentlessly, in spite of the truth, until society bought into them, hook, line and sinker?

I would have answered these comments on my post sooner, but honestly, I needed a few days to stop feeling utterly disgusted enough to speak to this kind of depraved mindset. I’m not trying to be mean either; I’m not trying to be offensive. It is difficult to fathom how our society has hit such a low, that men call good evil and evil good.

It’s not only the arguments themselves that are wrong, but the fact that such mindless rhetoric is parroted at all speaks to the bigger problem! As a nation our worldview is being molded by leftist indoctrination that is totally opposed to a biblical worldview, hostile to all things good and righteous, and praises that which is morally depraved.

We live in a society that honors the vile! God calls us to abhor what is evil and cling to what is good (Rom. 12:9). Has your worldview been shaped by God and His Word or by others who tell you, contrary to the Word of God, that being “pro-choice” is compassionate and right and being against abortion is wrong? What is your moral compass? The left doesn’t have one.

No Moral Equivalency

Answering the Pro-Birth vs Pro-Life Lie

Their argument….“Pro-birth means that the person (the pro-birth person) is against abortions. Pretty simple. What happens to the child after being born is pro-life. The GOP is a perfect example of pro-birth, but not pro-life. The amount of money that the GOP has spent (some say wasted) in it’s fight against women would go a long way toward the fight against poverty.”

First, let’s take a lesson in Debating Like a Liberal 101- How to Win and Argument Against The Truth:

  1. Redefine Terms, and if need be, make up new ones, because blurring the clear meaning of words makes blurring the truth easier.
  2. Control the narrative. Rather than having a conversation about the actual point, tell the story your way, by speaking to a different point which you feel you can form a better argument about. It’s the old “create a diversion tactic.” It takes all eyes off the issue at hand, without actually having to answer it directly.
  3. If forced to give a direct answer… repeat the lies that have been spoon fed to you, without giving any mind to their legitimacy.


Let’s be honest here! This “choice” that pro-abortion advocates fight so hard to protect, is the choice a mother makes between the life or death of her unborn child! There is a LIFE that hangs in the balance. The PRO-LIFE plea is that these mothers would CHOOSE LIFE for their child! This living being, a person, who is growing inside of them, who has no voice of their own, is dependent upon their mother to protect their life, to value that life enough to allow it to continue living. So, to say being against abortion makes a person “pro-birth” but not “pro-life” is not only wrong, but stupid. To say “what happens to the child after being born is pro-life” is silly. Without birth there would be no “after being born” and even prior to birth a life already exists! It is that life, the pro-life movement aims to protect. The pro-life stance is that every child alive in the womb has the right to continued LIFE. Their life doesn’t start once they are born, they are already living in the womb! Abortion ends a life.

The pro-abortion camp has manufactured a “pro-birth vs pro-life” argument that has no basis in reality, truth, or morality! The entire premise, that life begins after birth, is wrong. It is nothing more than a distraction and attempt to divert the discussion away from the fact that abortion ends an innocent life, and is murder, to their socialist narrative about their so-called fight against poverty! They shift the conversation away from being about the life or death of the unborn to whether or not the pro-life advocate meets their set standard of caring for the poor. I suppose it is easier to accuse Pro-life advocates of not caring for the poor, for rejecting their socialist “solutions,” than it is to face the truth about abortion being murder. Why waste money trying to stop the murdering of innocent babies when we could have used that money to care for the poor? Right!!! Because not being a socialist is the moral equivalence to being a baby murderer!? What a demented argument. There is no moral equivalency there!!! The only reason one would buy into that lie, is because they already bought into the lie that the unborn child is not a life.

The reality is the manufactured “pro-birth vs pro-life” argument is really pro-life vs pro-socialism, based on the faulty idea that their policies would improve the quality of life for the poor. So, rather than argue against the pro-life stance that we must protect the life of the unborn they argue in favor of socialism and helping the poor. Of course pro-life advocates can have their own ideas about how to deal with problem of poverty, but that’s beside the point. The point is to put the pro-life advocate on the defense, defending their social economic views rather than simply discussing the life of the unborn and the merits of the view to protect that life vs those who claim it’s OK to kill it.

So their argument against life is that those who get to live should have a better quality of life. Sorry, but that is not the issue in question, and you don’t get to change the subject. The abortion issue is not about whether or not children are poor, or even what we should do about the poverty, but if mothers should have the right to murder the unborn. To fail to make a distinction between LIFE and QUALITY of LIFE is a scary slippery slope! Whether or not you agree or disagree with the lefts ideas about the roll the government should take, to what extent, and how they should go about taking care of the poor, the fact remains that life and a quality of life are not the same thing. A poor quality of life does not justify ending a life, neither the quality of the mothers life because of the birth nor the quality of the life the child may live, have any bearing on whether or not the child has a right to continued life.

The unalienable rights of every person, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Note, the pursuit of happiness is not the same as the guarantee of happiness, but every person has the right to be given a fighting chance! The unhappiness of a mother about her pregnancy, does not give her the right to rob her unborn child of their right to life! The potential unhappiness of the unborn does not give the mother the right to rob her unborn child of both life and the opportunity to pursue happiness!

The left intentionally blends the definition of life with quality of life, because if they can sell the lie that poor quality of life diminishes ones right to life, they have set the stage for not only unrestricted abortions, but euthanasia. If their premise is true, then the poor, the suffering, the ill, the elderly, the disabled, you know all those who Margret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) labeled “useless eaters,” should also be eliminated. The truth remains, that the pro-choice movement, has it’s roots in eugenics. Of course, that is nothing more than an inconvenient fact, and we know the left can’t be bothered with facts.

Whose Body?

“You can’t tell a woman what she can, or cannot do with her body.”

I will spare you the pictures of dismembered victims of abortion, but I assure you, those tiny heads, torsos, legs, arms, fingers and toes, are not that of the woman, but her unborn child. Women can determine what they do with their body, but they should not be allowed to dismember the body of their baby, to avoid the consequences of their choice to have sex. Murder is morally wrong. The fact that the person you are murdering is inside of your body at the time does not make it any less wrong.

The real War on Women is not being waged by the pro-life crowd, but the liberal pro-abortionist who have done nothing but lie to and harm women from the conception of their wicked movement.

Here is a quote from Margret Sanger, a woman Hillary Clinton has called her “hero.”

“[Our objective is] unlimited sexual gratification without the burden of unwanted children… [Women must have the right] to live … to love… to be lazy … to be an unmarried mother … to create… to destroy… The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence in the social order… The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

You can read more disturbing quotes from this vile woman here.

The goal is and always has been, to promote the sinful promiscuity of women by attempting to eliminate any consequences of such a life style. Sanger promoted the use of birth control and sterilization as both the means to avoid the “burden of unwanted children” while having “unlimited sexual gratification” but also to advance eugenics.

Today the movement has added abortion to it’s arsenal. Not only is promiscuity in and of itself harmful to women, but so is abortion! Both sexual sin and the sin of abortion, are harmful to women, spiritually, emotionally and physically! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar!

So, yeah, women do choose what they do with their bodies, but lying to them about the consequences of those choices to abuse their bodies in sexual sin is the real assault on women. The truth is the pro-abortion advocates are real anti-women group, and also anti-purity, anti-abstinence, and anti-God.

The sexual revolution of the 60’s has done nothing but harm to women! Our society today is over-sexualized, and saturated in media that portrays women as sex objects. We have gone from sex being a private matter between a husband and wife to “sex sells.” On nearly every billboard, TV ad, and magazine layout, there is SEX on display. Our daughters today are expected to accept sex outside of marriage as the norm. The pressure placed on women, and our young girls from a disturbingly early age, to be viewed as sexually desirable and to make themselves sexually available is not an advancement female equality! The modern feminist lie that sexual promiscuity is empowering to women has done nothing but advance the misogynistic devaluing of women! The feminazis object to the idea that women should be regulated to household chores and child-rearing while advocating female self-destructive behavior. As a Biblical egalitarian I believe that women are gifted by God to accomplish various things for His glory. Our womanhood is not defined by whether or not we are housewives or mothers. I don’t believe that women should be confined to these rolls, neither do I believe that the roll of a housewife or mother are somehow offensive or diminishing to women. Feminazis act as if giving birth and being a mother is punishment and somehow beneath them! What a load of nonsense.

Fetus or Baby? Person or non-person?

Fetus or baby? It’s not either/or but during the fetal stage of development it is both. A human fetus is a human baby that is in the fetal stage of development. It is not any less human, or any less “baby” because it is still developing or is not yet born. The fetal stage is the stage after the embryonic stage until birth. A fully developed baby that is not yet born is still technically a fetus. So, is a baby any less of a baby minutes before birth? Of course not! Again, this is an example of the liberal redefining of terms in order to construct an argument. If a baby is born premature, is it not a baby? Today babies are surviving outside the womb as early as 22 weeks’ gestation. Of course the chances of survival at this stage in development is low, about 20%, and requires intensive care. However, is the child born at 22 weeks not a baby?

The idea that a baby secretly or magically becomes a baby at some undetermined point in gestation that we can neither clearly define or defend, or while traveling the birth canal, is a lie the pro-abortionist need you to believe. Otherwise, the obvious “killing babies is bad” common sense reality is hard to escape. So, let’s just say it’s not a baby so we can’t be accused of being in favor of killing babies. However, when a pro-choice women chooses to have a child, I bet they refer to their child in their womb as a baby. “Hey honey, I felt the fetus kick today,” just isn’t the way things work in the real world. However, let’s avoid reality and live in the fairy tale land where baby is an ambiguous term and we can’t know for certain if a human life is a baby!

Is the unborn baby a person? What about the Supreme Court?

Even Killary Clinton admits that the unborn are persons, but claims they have no constitutional rights. The constitution either protects the unalienable rights of all persons or it does not. If the unborn are persons (and they are) then their right to life should be protected just any any other persons right to life is.

Roe v Wade was a horrific and unconstitutional judgment that should be overturned! The Supreme Court is supposed to protect constitutional rights not dismiss them in favor of the rights of another. The mother’s right to privacy does not trump the child’s right to life.

They struck down Texas State law based on an argument for privacy. The text of the Constitution that dealt with privacy was clearly not written with this intent or application, but nevertheless, the court ruled in favor of murdering the unborn as a so called protection of the privacy of the mother.

Did the court protect the right of the unborn as a person? No. That doesn’t prove a thing and certainly doesn’t prove them right. There was a time in our not so distant past when black people were declared to be less than a person in justification of denying them the same unalienable rights!

The unborn have been endowed by their Creator with the unalienable right to life! No court under heaven has the authority to strip that right from them!

There is much that can be said about the development of a child in the womb, and the lies that have been historically told by abortionist, however, I’m not going to do that here today. Anyone who still chooses to believe the unborn child is not a human, not a life, not a person, or not a baby, simply rejects the truth. It was one thing for these lies to be believed in the 70s, but to continue to believe these things today requires willful ignorance.

I speak out against abortion because it is a modern day silent Holocaust! Over 58 million unborn children have lost their lives since Roe v. Wade! 58 MILLION! God hates the shedding of innocent blood. He is the avenger of the blood of the innocent, and there will be a day of reckoning! God says to warn the wicked! Both those who participated in the shedding of innocent blood as well as those who have condoned and defended such behavior will be judged by God unless they repent!

If there was not a leftist agenda to continually pervert the minds of our nation and sear their conscience against the evils of abortion, then there would not be such a need for voices like my own to speak out against this barbaric crime against humanity! As long as it is legal, and as long as there are voices relentlessly chanting in favor of abortion, I will be a voice for the unborn lives that are at stake.

God help us!

Thank you for reading!  I pray you found this helpful!

Loads of love and grace to you, 

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Picture of Desi@EngagingTruthMinistries.com
Desirie is a Christian minister and lover of truth. She is passionate about helping others come to a clearer understanding of Scripture and closer walk with God through sound and in depth teaching and study. She loves Jesus with all her heart and preaches like a girl. As a woman preacher, and mother of 7, she is also committed to helping others come to know the truth about biblical womanhood, marriage, and women in ministry.

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